Product Types and Type Properties

This will explain what Product Types and Type Properties are and how they are used by your site along with how to assign them to products.

Product Types vs Type Properties

Product Types vs Type Properties
  1. Product Type - What type of product is it? Meaning if you had to categorize this product, what would it be? A Speaker? An Adhesive? You can view the entire list of possible Product Types in your site by going to: Store Catalog > More > Product Types.
  2. Type Properties - These are the various attributes and or characteristics of the product. How tall is it? Is it recyclable? What color does it come in?

Uses for Product Properties

There are many uses for both Product Types and Product Type Properties on your site. Our system can use and or identify individual products based on their attributes. This can be used for things like:

  •    Product Detail Tab - The information that shows on Product Detail tab on your store front.
  •    Guided Search - The various options you can sort a Category Page or a Search Result Page by.
  •    Dynamic Categories
  •    Custom product temp
  •    Shipping methods
  •    Much more

Creating Your Own Product Properties In The Admin

This will show you how to create and add new Product Types and Product Type Properties as well as assign them to a product via the admin. Although you will probably update your products via a spreadsheet, it's important to read this part to get a good understanding of how it all works. Not only that, but if the Product Types and Type Properties do not currently exist on your site, you will have to follow these steps before you can create a spreadsheet.

Below will be instructions that show you how to do update your products in mass via a spreadsheet.

Creating a Product Type Property

First, you'll create Type Properties. In the admin, go to: Store Catalog > More > Type Properties

If the Type Property doesn't already exist, you'll click "New" at the top of the page.

Give the Type Property a Product Name and Display Name and click Save Changes

Creating a Product Type

Now go to: Store Catalog > More > Product Types

If the Product Type does not exist then click New Product Type in the top right.

Give it a name in the Product Type Name field and select the Available Properties in the box on the right, and click them over to the Selected Properties. Once you've added all the Type Properties you want included under your Product Type, click Save Changes.

Applying To A Product

You can now go edit any product and add values to the Type Properties you've just added. While viewing a product in the admin, click on its Type Properties tab.

If a Product Type isn't selected yet, click on the drop down and select the Product Type you just created. Once you select a Product Type, the page will fill with all of its Type Properties associated to it. From there you can enter the value of each one. Note not every Type Property has to be filled out, it's ok to leave some blank if you don't have a value for them.

When you're done editing, be sure to hit Save or Save and Continue.

Importing Product Properties

Importing Product Properties

The sample above is what your spreadsheet should look like.

  1.    sku
  2.    producttype
  3.    product type property with producttype - Notice the producttype you see listed in column B is also included in column C

For a sample spreadsheet of what your spreadsheet should look like: Click here

Detailed Instructions for creating a spreadsheet

To update many skus/products at once, you can create a spreadsheet to accomplish this.

First you'll have to assign the product a Product Type, without doing this first, the importer will not know what to do with the Type Properties you give it, because it does not exist yet.

As mentioned before, you can view your entire list of Product Types by going to Store Catalog > More > Product Types.

To use this information in a spreadsheet, use column header *producttype* and give each sku a Product Type. Note These are case sensitive, so you have to enter it in identical to what you see on the site

Now that you've defined a Product Type, you can start to assign and or enable various Type Properties, those are what you see on the store front in the tabs. Those are listed here (Store Catalog > More > Type Properties). Going back to the spreadsheet, you can now add a new column header that looks like this for example <producttypeproperty name="WARRANTY" ProductType="Speakers"/>.

You can use this format to create as many columns as you need, obviously changing out the two names "WARRANTY" and "Speakers" for whatever other Product Type and Type Properties you need, again, case sensitive so type them in exactly as you see them on the site.

The value of the Type Property will vary. The data entered in for Type Property "Color(s)" can be text obviously, cause you'll want to make it "red, blue, orange", but others like the example above <producttypeproperty name="WARRANTY" /> will have a value of either Y or N (yes or no).

So basically, your spreadsheet should have at least three columns *sku*, *prodcuttype* and <producttypeproperty name="####" ProductType="####"/>, with again, as many <producttypeproperty name="####" ProductType="####"/> columns as you need.

Once you've created your spreadsheet, you can use the Product Importer to import the information.