Anatomy of a Web Page

These are the main elements of a web page.

Main Elements / Containers

Main Elements / Containers
  1. The Header isn’t really a specific element although some may consider it to be. It is more generally used in referring to the top section of your web page where your logo, navigation, tagline, etc. are located.
  2. The Site Content will be different depending on the page you are (home, category, product, etc.). When people visit your site, this is the element they will be looking for primarily. It will be the main focal point of a web page so visitors find what they are looking for quickly.
  3. The end of a web page should always use a Footer to let your visitors know they have reached the completion of your web page. Like the header, the footer isn’t really a specific element but more of a containing section. Within your footer could be copyright, legal and contact information primarily. It’s a good idea to include a few links to the most important sections of your site such as the top of the page, home page, contact page, etc. Some websites use this area as an opportunity to mention related material or other important information.

Sample Header Layout/Content

Standard elements in the Header include:

  1. Main Navigation
  2. Logo
  3. Product Search
  4. Secondary Navigation
  5. Shopping Cart
  6. Categories

Some elements to consider for your Footer include:

  1. Catalog Links
  2. Additional Site Links
  3. Payment Methods Accepted
  4. Contact Information
  5. Additional Content
  6. Copyright