Changing the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) of your site

Most of the styles and elements of your website are generated using a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS).

Our solution has "system" CSS that helps define the initial framework of the site and "theme" CSS that helps define the colors and further edits the framework.

Since these core CSS files are complex and are part of our commitment to ensuring your site looks good by default, we cannot give you direct access to them.

So, as a solution, you can override the generated CSS by using the custom-css.css file found in the CSS Folder.

The only way to access that file is via FTP. Once you get logged in via FTP, you'll see a folder called "CSS" in which will be a file called "custom-css.css".

It's empty, so you'll have to be proficient in writing CSS.

We'd recommend inspecting the CSS using something like Firebug (to identify the styles in use) and then copying the styles you want to overwrite into your custom CSS file.

If this is something you'd prefer we do for you, please let us know and we can provide an estimate.