Store Email Addresses

To set up your store's correspondence, you will want to visit the Store Email Addresses section.

You can get there by going to: Config > General > Store Email Addresses

Main Emails

  • Store Email Address: This is your store email address. The main email address for the store where all new order emails and main notifications will go.
  • Inventory Low Email Report: When inventory is low on an item, an email will go out to this email address.
  • Contact Page Email Recipient: Whenever someone fills out your Contact Us page, the information they fill out will go here.
  • Email New Orders To: New orders will additionally go here.

"FROM" Addresses for Email Templates

The email addresses that you put in this section will show up as the sender to your customers.

Supporting Documentation

For a more detailed description of the functionality of the features found in this section of the admin as well as the definitions for the terminology used, please visit the following link(s):