Pre-Launch Checklist

This article covers the essentials that we would consider necessary and requiring review prior to launching your 7cart site.

NOTE: The following list is not comprehensive! We recommend that you familiarize yourself with all features that are available on your site as well as review the knowledge-base before going live.

Store Configuration

General Store Information

  • Have you inserted your company's contact/general information?
  • Store Email Addresses: Have you setup where you want certain emails to go to?


Setup Payment Methods

  • Have you properly configured and tested your payment methods?


Setup Shipping Methods

  • Have you setup your shipping methods?


Setup Store Taxes

  • Have you added or set any taxes for you store?

Content and Navigation

Setup your Homepage

  • Did you add your own banners in?
  • Did you change the links in the header and footer?


Create Content Pages

  • Did you setup/create any other custom content pages?


Update Contact Us Page

  • Does the Contact Us page suit your needs?
  • Do you want to add/edit/delete fields to your Contact Us form?


Update Policies

  • Have you inserted your company's Shipping Policy?
  • Have you inserted your company's Terms and Conditions?
  • Have you inserted your company's Privacy Policy?
  • Have you inserted your company's Return Policy?
  • Review the other service pages on to your site.

Catalog Setup


  • Did you add your own Products?
  • Did you load all of their content?


  • Did you add your Categories?
  • Did you place your products in Categories?

Pricing and Users


Manage Users

  • Users Video
  • Have you created your pre-existing customers/users?


Manage Price Rules

  • Price Rules Video
  • Have you set up your default site pricing?
  • Do you have certain users/customers that get special pricing?

Test Full Order Process

Your best determination on whether you are ready to “Go Live” or not is to experience the full order process as a customer and admin.

So, logout and place an order on the storefront as if you were a new customer.

Check everything as you go (product information and costs) and then fulfill the order via the admin panel.


  • Place
  • Proceed to Checkout
  • Attempt to Order with Credit Card
  • Review your Receipt
  • Go to Admin and Review Order Details
  • Process Order to integrated Distributor
  • Confirm Receipt of Order with Distributor
  • Confirm Tracking Number flows to Order Details Review your Ordered Items and Packaging