Setting Up Your Homepage

To set up your homepage you will go to your storefront and turn on Design Mode. After doing that, you will be able to hover over the different content areas and make any necessary changes.

Introductory Video

Below is a video that will cover the basics of how content works on the Logicblock system.

Changing  Banner Images

First, you will want to turn on design mode by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines indicated by the arrow, and checking enable Design Mode.

When in design mode, you are able to edit the various areas of the homepage.  Next, click on the image rotator, which will bring you to the image rotator editor.

From the Admin side of the website, the image rotator editor is accessible by going to  Content & Files > Content Areas > System Homepage 1

Rotating Images & Add/Modify Image

The rotating images section shows the current images, and the options to reorder, edit, and delete them.

1) Image URL - Allows you to choose the image to add to the rotator, or change the image on the selected slot.

2) Link To - This allows you to make the image link to a page, by entering a URL.

3) Tool Tip - Text entered here will display when the cursor is left hovered on the image.

4) Open link in a new window - This causes the linked URL to open in a new tab/window instead of the current one.

5) Cancel - Reverts editing changes

6) Add New / Update - If you have not clicked edit on any of the images, this will add a new image to the rotator with information from the above fields.  If you are editing a current image in the rotator, it will update with the specified changes

Rotator Display Settings

1) This sets the number of seconds each image stays on the screen before transitioning to the next image.

2) Shows prev/next buttons on the rotator.

3) Shows a clickable button on the bottom right of the rotator for each image.

4) Sets the transition effect between images.

5) Sets the load icon for the rotator.

6) Allows you to specify the size of the rotator.

7) Disables the ability for the rotator to preload.

Editing the Product Grid

While in Design Mode on the homepage, you can click on the product grid area to edit the products that are shown.

From the Admin side of the website, the image rotator editor is accessible by going to  Content & Files > Content Areas > System Homepage 1

The left side of the product grid page displays the items currently in the product grid.  It is important to note that if the item is out of stock or disabled (denoted by the gray circle in the status column), then they will not show up in the product grid.  The grid column box at the bottom allows you to specify how many columns of items you want the grid to display.

The right side of the page is where you can add items to the grid.  You can type directly in the search box, or click the arrow to expand the filter window.  Once you have checked the item you wish to add, simply click "Add Selected Products" above the search bar.

Supporting Documentation

For a more detailed description of the functionality of the features found in this section of the admin as well as the definitions for the terminology used, please visit the following link(s):