Loading Different Costs/Inventory for Vendors

This will show you how to import separate costs for products under different vendors.

NOTE: This function may need to be enabled on your site. If you don't see this feature, please contact us to enable for you.

You can also use this method to import inventory amounts, units of measure, and minimum quantities for your products.

People > Vendors

Once logged in, you'll need to first go to People > Vendors in the menu.

NOTE: If you do not have the Vendor listed in your site and you need to add the Vendor first, please Click here to set one up first.

If you already have the Vendor in place, select the pencil icon to the left of the Vendor name to edit it.

Edit Vendor Products

To import the pricing you want associated with this vendor you'll click on the "Edit Vendor Products" button. It is assumed that you already have a spreadsheet put together that contains your sku's and cost, just as you would for importing prices using the "Product Importer".

Spreadsheet Layout

Spreadsheet Layout

The picture above is what your spreadsheet should look like. Just the sku and your sitecost.

Other optional columns that are also supported on this importer are:

  • MinimumQty
  • InventoryCount
  • UnitOfMeasure

Importing Your Spreadsheet

Here, you'll upload and import your spreadsheet

   Hit "Open" to open up the box

   Select the spreadsheet you have saved on your local computer.

   Hit the "Import Pricing" button and the system will import the file. This make take a few minutes depending on the size of the spreadsheet you've imported.

Completed Import

Completed Import

Since the importer runs in the background, you'll have to refresh the import page once it's done to see the products and cost you've imported. Above is what it should look like.

Line-Item Sourcing on Order Details

Line-Item Sourcing on Order Details

With your cost for the vendor imported, go to your most recent order and scroll down the line items on that order.

In the "Source From" Column, you'll see a drop down. From here you can select what vendor you want that product to be pulled from for this particular order.