Exporting Products Using a Product-Type-Property

Since our product exporter does not allow the exporting of product type properties, this handy little trick will allow you to isolate specific products based on their Type Property and get them exported.

Basically, what you will want to do is the following:

1. Create a Dynamic Category with the product property you want to look for.

2. Export the products filtered by the new category.

For this example we will want to identify and export all products that are part of the Green catalog.

Create a Dynamic Category

The first step will be to create a dynamic category like shown in the example above. For more information on dynamic categories Click Here.

We advise Hiding the category so it is not visible in the storefront. Then when you're done, you can simply come back and delete it.

Select the Product Criteria

The second step will be to assign the product type property ID and Value associated with the Green Catalog. You can obtain the ID and Value under Type Properties in the product menu.

Next you will click Save & Continue to initiate the process. Please note that it may take several minutes for the process to complete.


Finally, you will perform a product export. You will filter the results by using the dynamic category you created in the steps above.