How to create a Static Category

Static categories will only display the products the store admin has assigned to it. You can create a new static category by going to: Store Catalog > Categories

Creating a static category in the admin is a very straight forward process:

  1. Select Static Category
  2. Select where you want to want to create your static category
  3. Click on New Category

Creating a Category via Spreadsheet

You can also create a category via spreadsheet. To do so, you will only need two columns: sku & category.

You can add skus to multiple categories by just tweaking your spreadsheet. Under the category column, list out all the categories you want them to appear in, using the semi-colon ";" to separate them.

For example "Office Supplies>Paper & Printable Media>Resume/Stationery Paper;Paper>Premium Writing Paper; Technology>Tools" This will put it in both the "Premium Writing Paper" sub-category and the "Tools" category.

When you get to the Product Importer you will want to unchecked the "Adhere To Managed Flags" and check "Add New Categories".

The following video will walk you through the process of creating a Static Category.