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How can my customer create sub users with permissions and budget limits?

Registered Users can create sub users which allow other people in their company to place orders within the limits of the purchasing rules and budgets that they set up.

You can create specific rules determining if an order needs to be approved before purchase. Rules can be based on size of order, if the user is ordering products from a pre-approved product list or if they are under their prescribed budget.

Any of these purchasing rules and policies can be changed at any time by the account administrator.

My Account - Manage Users

  1. After a customer logs in, they can select "Manage Users" from the Account Menu.
  2. To create a new user, they should click the "New" button
  3. After Sub Users have been created, they can edit their permissions and budgets.

Create A New Sub User

After clicking the "New", your customer will be presented with the following screen.

Filling this out will CREATE a New user, which will be tied to their account.

Create A New Sub User

Sub User Role and Purchasing Policy

After initially creating the sub-user, the customer will be asked to configure the sub-user's role, approver and purchasing policies.

  1. A user with the role Manager can create additional sub-users under their account, while a Purchaser cannot.
  2. The Approver is the user that will be notified via email and requested to approve the order if the Purchasing Policies / Budgets have been violated.
  3. These are the 3 different options for Purchasing Policies.
  4. If "Requires approval by limit(s)" has been selected, the budget values are used for the polices.
Sub User Role and Purchasing Policy

Edit User Profile & Policies

Edit User Profile & Policies

Admin Functions

To view admin functions related to managing sub users, Click Here.