Budget Accounts (Cost Centers)

This article will illustrate how to set up department cost centers within a user's account.

Why Use Budget Accounts?

This option would be beneficial to customers requesting a multiuser account, with the ability to place orders for different departments.

You can set up budget accounts from the storefront by going to: http://www.yourdomain.com/myaccount/budgetaccounts.aspx

To add the link to the side menu, all you need to do is enable design mode while on this page and select the System Account Pages content area.

Adding the Budget Accounts Link to the Side Menu

Editing the Content Block

Enter the Link Text that you would like displayed on the menu and paste the link http://www.yourdomain.com/myaccount/budgetaccounts.aspx into the Link Url field, then click save.

Publish Settings

You can make the link be only visible to certain users by limiting access to it using the publish settings. In the example below, only users in the Budget Account Users group will be able to view the link on their My Account Page.

Publish Settings

The link you added in the previous steps will appear at the bottom on the page in the area indicated by the green arrow.

When the Enable Approvals For Budget Accounts option (highlighted above) is enabled, it will trigger a new option when you edit the sub-users; Will be Required to Choose a Budget Accounts (highlighted below). This will force the sub-user to select a budget account during check out

When the user is checking out, they will be required to select a Budget Account option as illustrated below.