Adding bullet points to your custom products

This article will show you how to add "Product highlights" in bullet points to your custom products.

When you add your custom products to the site, there is usually an empty space to the right of the product (shown below). The information that appears here is pulled from your product type properties. Icons indicating whether the product is recycled/green/Freight etc will appear in this area.

You can also use this area to highlight the awesome features of the product in bullet point format which is what we will cover below.


The type property that you will want to use here is called BulletedCopy. You will need to use some HTML in order to get the bullet points in place.



In this example, we will add the following text to our product above:

<li>Contains 24 K-Cups</li>
<li>Deliciously robust, heavy-bodied decaf with ripe fruit and berry notes</li>
<li>Trans fat, kosher and gluten free</li>
<li>K-Cup perfect for Keurig Single Cup Brewers</li>
<li>K-cups also compatible with new Keurig 2.0 Brewer</li>

End Result

The illustration below shows how the text is presented on the storefront.


This can also be accomplished in mass via spreadsheet using the Product Importer. The column headers you will need here are sku & <producttypeproperty name="BulletedCopy" />