How to create a Dynamic Category

Dynamic categories allow you to select criteria for the products that you’d like to appear in that category. You can create a new dynamic category by going to: Store Catalog > Categories and then selecting the "Dynamic Category" option.

Creating a dynamic category in the admin is a very straight forward process:

  1. Select Dynamic Category
  2. Select where you want to want to create your Dynamic category
  3. Click on New Category

This documentation will show you how to add products to your new dynamic category:

Dynamic Category Product Selection


  1. Name - Name your category.
  2. Description - Put a description of your category, which will show on the category page.
  3. Short Description - Enter a short description of your category that will display on your page.
  4. Product Criteria - Select what products you want to be in this dynamic category
  5. Default Sort Order - Choose how your products are sorted.
  6. Sort Order Override - Override the sort order.
  7. Display Template - Change how the products in your category are displayed.
  8. Icon - The icon for your category which will show on your category page.
  9. Banner - Choose a banner that will show up on your category page.
  10. HTML - Provide HTML coding to enhance your category page.
  11. Show Title - Show the title of the category on the category page.
  12. Hide Category - Hide the category from your category menu.
  13. SEO & Meta Data - Enter information to enhance your SEO and findability.