Help with Spreadsheets

This article will point out common errors that you may encounter while working with spreadsheets. Here you'll also find the resources that you will need which will help you make the necessary adjustments that you require.

Acceptable File Formats

We currently support data feeds in the following formats:

  • xlsx
  • xls
  • csv

Note: We recommend saving a file as a CSV, then save it back to an Excel format. This will remove all the formatting and extra code that Excel can sometimes put into the file.

Common Errors

Common Errors

When importing a spreadsheet, under the preview option, the columns that are labeled skip/grayed out have column headers that are incorrect or not accepted by our system. For correct column information, Click here.

Formatting Issues

Most of the issues that you may encounter while uploading your data onto our system will stem from erroneous information on your spreadsheet. The following is a listing of the most frequently encountered problems that users face while working with spreadsheets. Please bear in mind that there are many available options for creating spreadsheets. Here, we will focus on the most recent versions of Microsoft Excel. If you have a different version, all you will need to do is conduct a simple Google search.

1.) Basic Actions:

Basic tasks in Excel 2013 - Microsoft Support

2.) Change the default file format:

Save a workbook in another file format - Microsoft support

3.) How to prevent a leading zero from disappearing in a cell:

Keep leading zeros in number codes - Microsoft Support

4.) Filtering Information:

Filter data in an Excel table - Microsoft Support

5.) Commonly used formulas:

Examples of commonly used formulas - Microsoft Support