Introduction to Price Rules

Price rules can be used to price your products across your site. You can access your price rules by clicking on price rules underneath People.

Price rules can be used for:

  • Special Pricing for Customers
  • Contract Pricing
  • Sales

Here is a video that will introduce you to our Price Rules editor:

Essentially there are two different types of price rules and rule sets, which can be used to group more than one price rule together. The different types of price rules that we have are Contract List rules and Criteria Rules.

Contract List Rules

These are for lists of individual skus that you want to give special (contract) pricing on. Begin by making a new contract list rule - click create new at the top right and then click contract list rule.

The first action to take is give the rule a name. 

Description of the boxes below the name:

  • Shared - a tag that allows for easier grouping
  • Allow Price below cost - will allow items in this price rule to be priced below their cost.
  • Override volume pricing - the price you put in the rule will trump the volume pricing.

So now that there is a name, you can add a sku to this rule. In order to do that, click “add new“ record, and then type in the sku that you want to add. Add the price that you would want to price this product at.

The minimum quantity box is how many of the item the customer must add to their cart before receiving this price.

You can add many skus at once by uploading a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet should only have two columns: 

  • SKU
  • Siteprice

See the image below as an example.

If you have your spreadsheet created, you would click “open” next to the area that says “Import Price File”, and go through your file manager to import it in.

A few notes about your spreadsheet:

  1. Column headers need to match up exactly to what we have. sku & siteprice are the only two acceptable column headers for that importer.
  2. You can't skip columns/rows on the spreadsheet.
  3. You can't have duplicate skus
  4. You can't have empty cells

Don’t forget to save!

Criteria Rules

These are used for setting pricing on a larger array of items for your whole catalogue.

To create a criteria rule, click “create new” at the top right, and click “criteria rule”. Give the rule a name.

Now if you want this criteria rule to apply to every product in your catalog you are going to leave the “any product” box checked.

If you uncheck the "any product" box, you can use the dialogue to narrow down your selection to (for example) an entire wholesaler, or an entire manufacturer. Within the dialogue, you would click the middle button that says “add expression”, and then select the option you’d like to use to narrow down your results. You can then search for the specific option that you want. 

  • Source -  allows you to select what you want the pricing to be based off of
  • Adjustment - allows you to set the pricing based off of whatever the source is.