How to give customers special pricing

Step by step instructions on how to assign "special" pricing to a customer --  a.k.a.:  (Contract Pricing/Customer Discounts/Price Groups)

Create a Price Rule

First, you will want to create a "RULE" that will adjust pricing.  These Rules are created under People > Price Rules.

The Rules, will adjust the Site Price (selling price) based on the type of rule it is.  

You can create a rule that Adjusts the pricing over a large group of products or create Rules that will set the pricing for individual products.

Details on how to create a price rule: Click here.

Assign Price Rule to Customer(s)

After creating a Rule, you will need to assign that rule to the customer or customers, so that when they log in, they will see the special pricing that is applicable to them.

To do this, you will Edit the User by going to: People > Users and selecting the user you would like to assign pricing to.

Once you are on the Edit Page, you will select the Pricing Rule you have created for the user.

Click "Save" and the user will now see the special pricing assigned to them once logged in.

More on Editing Users: Click here.