Use Price Rules for default Site Pricing

Create a price rule and use it to set your Global Site Price.


We have the ability to use a Price Rule for your Site Price instead of having to import a price file to update individual products. Please note that you will need to have a fairly thorough understanding of Price Rules prior to setting this up.

We recommend creating a Rule Set. You can name it: GLOBAL PRICE RULE - DO NOT DELETE so you do not accidentally delete it. The reason for creating a Rule Set is because you can create as many Price Rules as you like and place them within that Rule Set.


The following is a quick example that we set up using the following scenario:

A.) I want to set my Site Price to be equal to the List Price. B.) For products that do not have a List Price associated with them, Increment the Cost by 20%. In the rare occasion where I may have a product with a Cost that happens to be higher than the List Price, the system should apply the higher price.

The first thing you will want to do is set up your price rules to reflect the above conditions: We gave them the following names so that they are easily identifiable:

1. z-DoNotDelete-SitePrice set to ListPrice

2. z-DoNotDelete-MINIMUM-Margin

Next, we will combine these two rules by creating a Rule Set:


Additional Notes

In the rule set, under the "operation" column, the Replace option, is used to replace whatever is currently in place. Maximum, takes the higher value of the two rules that we have set up.

If you only have a single rule, you can include a blank rule to your rule set to serve as a placeholder since a price rule set must contain two or more rules.

Once you are done setting up your Rule, please submit a support ticket requesting to have it set up as your Global Site Price.

If you have additional questions or concerns about this, please do not hesitate to submit a support ticket.