Price Rules

Price Rules are rules that modify the selling price of products. Rules can also be combined to create RuleSets.

First Glance

First Glance
  1. Bulk Rules - Allows you to update Price Rule Lists in bulk.
  2. Contract List Rule - Add New Complex Price Rule or Price Rule SKU List.
  3. Criteria Rule - Add a criteria to modify the selling price of the product.
  4. Rule Sets - Sets of Price Rules and other Price Rule Sets.
  5. All Rules - Show All Rules or Shared Rules.
  6. Listing of existing Price Rules.
  7. Price Rule modifier type.

Export Price List - Exports an excel file with all the rules that are listed.

Shared vs All Rules

Price Rules can be classified as "Shared" to help with organization.

The Shared option is nothing more than a label and has no impact on storefront functionality.

Shared rules would be useful if you have hundreds of rules, but want to be able to find just a subset often. For example for rules you would want to use repeatedly for multiple customers.

Criteria Price Rule

Criteria Price Rule

A Criteria Price rule, uses criteria (Manufacturer, Vendor or Category) to modify the selling price of the product.

1. Display Name - Name of your Rule - used to identify this rule

2. Criteria - Criteria is used to select the products to modify

3. Source -  The Source to modify

4. Adjustment - The Adjustment to the Source.

In the example above, simply all products are discounted by 10%.

The "Source" options are explained as follows:

  • Adjusted SitePrice - Adjust from the SitePrice after any other adjustments (rules, sales, etc.) have modified it.
  • Original SitePrice - Adjust from the Original SitePrice of the product. Ignore any previous rules/adjustments.
  • ListPrice - Adjust from the List Price (MSRP)
  • Cost - Adjust from the product's Cost
  • PriceMatrix - Reserved for future use.

The "Adjustment" will modify the "Source" by/to the amount you set.

Contract List Price Rule

Contract List Price Rule

This rule simply sets the selling price of specific SKUs.  

A use case for this could be "My Customer wants specific pricing on these 15 products".

(GPM %), (Price) & (Profit/Loss) are calculated automatically for you.  You can enter either GPM or Price, and the other field will automatically populate. These two features allow you to keep tabs on how much you  are either making or losing on your items. GPM is calculated by dividing the Price by the Profit/Loss.

Please note: that these headers are NOT required when uploading your pricing spreadsheet.

Add new record - Manually add SKU's to price rule

Add new record - Manually add SKU's to price rule
  1. You can add SKUs manually. To add a SKU, click on Add new record
  1. Enter the SKU
  2. Give it a price. Once you've entered both of those,
  1. click the green check box to save it.

Price Rule Sets

Price Rule Sets are "Sets" of Price Rules and other Price RuleSets.

Add Rules to a RuleSet

Add Rules to a RuleSet

Essentially, in order to apply multiple Price Rules to a single group, you would enter the multiple Price Rules into one Set.

Multiple Rules and Sets are put into a set in order. The Rule Set will then read the entries in order, from top to bottom, applying the "Operation" to the previous entry.

You can Reorder the Rules by dragging and dropping them. To do this click and hold on the icon in the "Order" column.

NOTE: The order in which you list the rules in your ruleset is very important. The last rule on the list is what will "run" last when the site is calculating the information.

Operation options are Replace, Maximum or Minimum.

  1. Replace will override the preceding rule if one exists.
  2. Minimum will take the lower price of the two entries.
  3. Maximum will take the higher price of the two entries.
  4. ADD Rule will take the current price + price rule's price; example if you wanted to add on 10% for a specific customer or something similar.

RuleSet within RuleSet

You can also put a RuleSet within a RuleSet. As you can imagine this will allow the utmost flexibility when needing to create very complex pricing rules for your customers.

Supporting Documentation

For a more detailed description of the functionality of the features found in this section of the admin as well as the definitions for the terminology used, please visit the following link(s):