Assigning a Salesperson to a User

A Salesperson is just like any other user on the site. So, to create a Salesperson, simply create a new user if they don't already exist. At the bottom of this page you will find information on how to track sales on your site by salesperson.

A Salesperson could be any user on the site. The first step to creating a salesperson is to create a user. If you don't know how to create a user, please refer to this documentation: Creating a User

The Salesperson feature is just a label. There is no specific page to manage Salespeople and or change settings for them.

To add or tie a Salesperson to a user, just edit the user as seen in the image below and start typing the Salesperson (user) in the field and it will automatically start populating potential results. When you are done, just click on Save and Return.

The following video will provide a quick overview on the steps that go into assigning a sales person to a user.

Generating a Report by Salesperson

To keep track of how your salespeople are performing, our platform allows you to generate a report that shows what numbers they are bringing in to your business.

To view this report, you would go to: Reports > Sales by... > Salesperson

This screen will also present you with the opportunity of exporting the file to excel.

Generating a Report by Salesperson