Order Manager

When you click the Orders and Shipping menu, the Order Manager page will be displayed. This screen allows you to view the recent ordering activity from your website.



Column Display Options

Column Display Options

The columns display option allows you to show add the available columns to the view.

Search Filter

The Advanced filter area allows you to set the amount of results showed based on the criteria you select. Filtering will display orders that meet the status of Payment, Shipping, Transmission, Order status and Sort Order. Once a filter has been selected, the list of orders will repopulate automatically.

You can also use a “Keyword” to search through orders. The keyword search box looks up product and customer data.

Order Data

The Order Data grid/table presents the orders data based on search options set in the general filter. The table provides the Order #, Customer, Company, Total, Date, Payment, Shipping and Status..

The Order Manager will display all store orders from newest to oldest in descending order. Orders can be filtered by selecting a status in the Payment, Shipping, Status and Date Range drop down list.

Order Status Icons

Order Status Icons

The status icons indicate the progress of the order.

Hovering over the icon will give you additional details.

  1. Shipping Status - Unshipped, Partially Shipped, Order Has Errors, Shipped.
  2. Payment Status - Unpaid, Paid, Partially Paid, Over Paid.
  3. Order Status - In Process, Canceled, On Hold, Needs approval, Complete.
  4. Transmission Status - Untransmitted, Transmission Error, Partially Transmitted, Fully Transmitted and Acknowledged.

Batch Updating

One or more orders can be selected by clicking the appropriate check box. Once selected, these orders can be edited using the list box below the table titled “Batch Update Checked Orders”.

The "batch update" drop down list at the bottom of the Order Manager allows you to bulk update one or more orders.

Capture Funds for Authorized Orders: If the store is configured to pre-authorize at checkout, this option will capture the funds to complete the order.

Print Options: Bulk printing allows you to print invoices, packing slips, admin receipts and many other print templates for orders. Print templates can be configured under Content  Print Templates.

Batch Updating

Supporting Documentation

For a more detailed description of the functionality of the features found in this section of the admin as well as the definitions for the terminology used, please visit the following link(s):