Product Exporter

The product exporter will allow you to export your products from you catalog for local use. You would be able to use this to get the most accurate data from your existing products, so that you can update them in your local systems as well as bulk update products, using the product importer.

First Look

1. Field Selector

2. Previous Exports

Select Fields

Select Fields

Quickly and easily move the fields you want to export from right to left.

A single arrow moves the selected field.

The double arrow moves all the fields.

NOTE: It is recommended to export ONLY the fields you need.

Previous Exports

Previous Exports

This will show you your currently finished product exports.

You can quickly download the generated export by clicking the arrow illustrated here.

The files physically reside in your /Files/Exports directory. You can access these files using the File Manager or FTP.

If you delete an export from your online files, it will be removed from this list.

Filter Results

Filter Results

This next step will allow you to filter your catalog so only export the products you want.

  1. For a keyword filter, type in your keyword and click the "Arrow" button.
  2. To view advanced filter options, click the "Apply Filter" arrow.
  3. Clears all the advanced search filter fields.
  4. To export parent products only, select this option.
  5. You will see the number of products that will be exported.


When you are ready to begin your export, click "Begin Export".

By starting this export, you will cancel any other exports currently being processed.

The export runs as a background process. This allows you to do other tasks on your website.

Export In Process

Export In Process

If export is in process, it will show the progress of it. You can continue to navigate your website and come back later to check the progress.