Catalog Settings

This screen allows you to change the catalog settings on your site.

Unavailable Product Settings

  1. Page Title - The message that the customers see when the product that they are searching for is unavailable.
  2. Auto-Redirect if only 1 Cross Sell - If a product is unavailable and only one cross sell item exists, when you search for the unavailable product, it takes you directly to the cross-sell item.
  3. Cross Sell Explanation - When the product you are searching for is unavailable and cross-sell items exist, this is the message that will be displayed to let you know more about the cross-sell items.
  4. No Cross Sell Explanation - Message that is displayed when product is unavailable and cross sells exist, but no explanation as to why you are being shown cross-sell items.

Other Product Options

  1. Enable Private Products - This option enables private products which makes products visible to users that belong to a certain group/role.
  2. Enable Limited Browsing to Approved Lists - This option enables restricted products which hides products from users that belong to selected groups/roles.

Category Settings

  1. Flag products as "new" - Sets how long to flag products as being new.
  2. Auto Regenerate Dynamic Categories - Whether or not to regenerate dynamic categories.
  3. Regeneration interval (in hours) - How often to regenerate (refresh) the dynamic categories.
Category Settings

Gift Wrap Settings

  1. Gift Wrap for All Products - Sets the option to gift wrap all products .
  2. Global Gift Wrap Rate - Sets the Rate.
Gift Wrap Settings

Search Settings

Here is where the search settings are located. The most common search options can be turned on and off from this section.

  1. Results Per Page - The number of results to be displayed.  
  2. Items Per Row - The number of items to display in each row.
  3. Disable AutoComplete - Disables the auto complete feature on the storefront search bar.
  4. Disable Blank Search Terms - This option prevents a user from conducting a blank search; i.e. it wont let the user click "search" if you haven't typed anything.  
  5. Display Sku - Displays the sku (stock keeping unit).  
  6. Additional Skus - Displays any other additional skus.  
  7. Display Images - Displays product images with results.  
  8. Display Prices - Displays prices with the results.  
  9. Show Sort Options - Shows sort options (Ascending/Descending). 
  10. Show Category - Shows what category that is being displayed.  
  11. Show Manufacturer - Shows the manufacturer on the results.  
  12. Show Vendor - Shows the vendor on the results.  
  13. Show Product List - Displays the product list.  
  14. Show Price Range - Displays the price range. 
  15. Redirect to category on exact match - This option redirects you to the exact category you are searching for.
  16. Redirect to manufacturer on exact match - This option redirects you to the exact manufacturer you are searching for.
  17. Redirect to product on exact match - This option redirects you to the exact product you are searching for.
Search Settings

Guided Search Item Sorting

Guided Search Item Sorting

Search Adjustment Configurations

The Search Adjustment Configurations are a powerful way to tweak how certain words are treated when a search is conducted on your site. This greatly improves the search results and quickly presents the customer with exactly what they are looking for.

By going to: Reports > Misc > Keyword Searches, you can get an idea of what users are searching for on your site and subsequently use this tool to make modifications.

Note: Be sure to thoroughly test out any adjustments that you make here to ensure that it works to your liking.


Append to Keyword

This option allows you to add onto a search term. In the example below, a user would search for a paper. This potentially could return a plethora of extraneous items that contain that keyword. In this instance, say you happen to know that what your customers are looking for is copy paper; you will essentially be adding the word copy to the phrase. So now when a customer searches for paper, the results that will be returned are those of copy paper. The Exception field is used to override the search phrase. For example if a user searches for "paper mate", the word copy will not be appended to the search term. In this example the word "mate" is the exception. Use a single space to separate Exception terms.

Append to Keyword

Replace Keyword

  • Replace Keyword - This option is pretty straightforward. It will swap out a particular search term. In the example below, if you use the word "papermate" it will be replaced with "paper mate".
Replace Keyword

Replace Search Request

This option will allow you to change the entire phrase (search request). In the example below, if what your customers are searching for is a "water" but what they're actually looking for is bottled water you can simply substitute the new phrase "bottled water" for the one your users are keying in.

Replace Search Request

Search Redirect to Category

This option will redirect you to a category when you enter a particular search term. In the first example below, if you key in and search for the word "bright" it will take you to the "Emergency & Flashlights" category. In the second example if you key in and search for the word "America" it will take you to the "US Flags" category.

Search Redirect to Category

Category Templates

Category Templates

These settings are used to define how many products appear when one of the above templates are selected.

Inventory Notices

  1. Send Low Stock Notice Every X Hours - The interval in which your store will check inventory levels for notification
  2. Email Report To - The email address to which to sent low inventory level notifications
  3. Inventory Low Report Line Prefix - Prefix appended to the email. Helpful when needed to flag emails that need attention
  4. Disable Inventory - This will ignore the set inventory levels for your entire store, regardless of the individual product settings
  5. Reserve Inventory on - Order Saved or Add to Cart. The inventory will be reduced when the order is placed or when the item is added to the cart. We recommend Order Saved.
  6. Track Inventory On New Products - By default, should you want to track inventory on new products
  7. Default Inventory Mode For New Products - Default Inventory mode for the new products
  8. Display Quantity Available on Product Details page - Shows the available quantity of a product on the storefront.
Inventory Notices

Product Reviews

  1. Reviews Provider - Reviews source, currently either our local default or reviews provided through Essendant.
  2. Allow Product Reviews - Whether or not to allow your customers the ability to leave product reviews.
  3. Show Product Reviews on Site - Allow reviews to be shown on the site.
  4. Moderate Product Reviews - Gives you the ability to view/edit reviews before they are posted on your site.
  5. Allow Product Rating - Customers can rank the suitability of products (using stars; 1-5)
  6. Allow Karma Scores - Allow users to vote on whether a customer review was helpful or not.
  7. Show how many reviews at first - The number of reviews to display at first glance.
Product Reviews

Gift Certificates Settings

  1. Gift Certificate Minimum Amount - The lowest amount that can be put on a gift certificate.
  2. Gift Certificate Maximum Amount - The highest amount that can be put on a gift certificate.
  3. Gift Certificate Valid Days - The number of days a gift certificate is valid for.

For more information on gift certificates, click here

Gift Certificates Settings

AbilityOne Configuration

The AbilityOne Program is a Federal initiative that helps people who are blind or have other significant disabilities achieve their maximum employment potential. For an item to qualify as part of the AbilityOne Program, blind or severely disabled people must perform 75% or more of the direct labor hours in the manufacture of the product.

Government organizations are required to purchase AbilityOne products instead of similar items that are available in the common marketplace.

If you would like to load the substitutes onto your site, you will need to request a file from your wholesaler and format it like in the example below:

Only column headers needed are:

1. sku

2. <producttypeproperty name="AbilityOneSubstitute"/>

See instructions here on how to import your file: Product Importer

You will first create a group which contains users who will be re-directed to the AbilityOne products. Next you will come to this screen and from the right hand side, use the arrows in the middle (indicated by the red arrow) to move the group to the left hand side.

Don't forget to save your changes!

AbilityOne Configuration