Product Lists

Users have the ability to categorize items into several product lists. This is an indispensable feature which allows users that have several departments/people/machines that they order for to organize lists into more manageable categories



There are three types of lists:

  1. Product List - A listing of products that is used to control what products are relevant or available for sale to certain users.
  2. Favorites - A compilation of items that the user has either purchased or added.
  3. Wish lists - These are comprised of items that the user has reserved for future purchase. Once these items are added to the cart, they are removed from the Wishlist.

To access the various Product Lists, click on "Edit Product Lists" tab.

Managing Product Lists

Managing Product Lists
  1. You can create new products lists for display within the user's account by clicking Add New Product List.
  2. Edit a list name or description.
  3. Click on the edit (pencil) icon to assign products to it.
  4. Delete a Product list.

Types of Product Lists

Types of Product Lists

Product lists can be broken down into 3 types:

  1. Admin - This list is can only created and edited in the admin. Users will not be able to alter this list in any way from the storefront.
  2. Account - This list is set up by users who are account owners (main user) to categorize products that can be viewed by their sub-users. This list can be created/edited in the admin. Sub-users do not have the ability to modify this list in any way.
  3. Personal - This list is for use by the individual user. The user has the ability to change the list as they please. This list can also be created/edited in the admin.

At the bottom of the product list page, you will find the following options:

  1. Add to Cart
  2. Delete Selected Items After Adding to Cart
  3. Remove items

Please note that the last two options will not be available on the admin list. They also will not be available on the account list for sub-users.

Assigning Products to a List

Assigning Products to a List
  1. Click on the List Name that you want to assign products to.
  2. Select the items you want to add from the list on the right.
  3. Click the Add button to move the selected items to the product list.

To remove items from the list, you simply select the items from the left and click the arrow pointing in the opposite direction.

Changes are saved immediately.



While editing a particular list, you will also have the option to Import/Export the items in the list that you are currently working on.

Storefront View

Storefront View

To access the product lists from the storefront, simply click on the "Product Lists" option in the My Account section

  1. This options allows you to create a new product list.
  2. This is a list of your product lists.
  3. This option allows you to search for a product within the list that is selected.
  4. Here is where you would add a SKU to your list.
  5. This option allows you to move items around into different lists. Simply select the items that you would like to move, select the appropriate list and finally click on "Move". Note: You can not move items into an admin list and as a sub-user, you can not move items into an account list.