Custom Pages

Custom pages provide the powerful capability of adding new web pages to your store directly from the admin.

You can create unlimited custom content within 7cart.

In Detail

The first page under the Custom Pages menu displays all existing Custom Pages along with the ability to create new Custom Pages. Each existing Custom Page has a corresponding edit, and delete button as displayed above.

  1. To create a new content page, click the "New Content Page" button.
  2. To Edit an existing page, click the pencil icon.
  3. To Delete a content page, click the trash icon.  This will permanently delete the content page.

Edit Content Page

To edit and create a content page is very straight forward:

  1. Page Name will be the name of the page.
  2. Content is where you would insert your custom content.
  3. Custom URL is the url that you will want to use for this page.  Always start your URL with a forward slash "/". So, "/page" would be acceptable.

Supporting Documentation

For a more detailed description of the functionality of the features found in this section of the admin as well as the definitions for the terminology used, please visit the following link(s):