Product Importer

The Product Importer is used to quickly add or edit products to your catalog.

Select File to Import

Select File to Import

Import files are used to add or edit products. The import files are formatted so that our system can identity what you are trying to update.

By clicking the "Open" button, the file manager will open.

  1. Add New Products - Adds new skus that you want to upload onto your site.
  2. Update Products - Updates your products.
  3. Add New Categories - Adds new categories.
  4. Adhere To Managed Flags - Maintains the attributes that are associated with the managed products.
  5. Trim Skus - Removes spaces from skus.
  6. Max Choice Combinations - The highest number of product options to be included. 

1. Select the file you want to use by browsing to it and double clicking.

2. If the file is not already there, you can upload it.

Once your file has been selected, click the "Next" button.

Preview Import File

The next step allows you to preview a few rows of your import file. Any columns that are greyed out and have "Skip" as the column header will be excluded from the import (Help with spreadsheets)

Begin Importing

Begin Importing

The following step will ask you to confirm that you would like the importer to run.

Import Progress

Import Progress

As the importer is running, you can watch the progress as it runs as a background process. You will not need to stay on the page to keep the importer running.

Supporting Documentation

For a more information on the functionality of the features found in this section, please visit the following link(s):