Item 411: Product Price Comparison

This feature will enable you to show current market pricing from an unprecedented selection of competitors directly on your 7cart storefront.

Activating this feature

To learn more about activating competitive data on your site and have it displayed on the storefront, please submit a support ticket via our support site.

Enabling this feature

Once enabled, you can quickly set this up in the admin by navigating to: Config > Plug-Ins > Item 411: Product Price Comparison

You will then click on the Enable check box at the top of the page to turn on the feature.

Enabling this feature

You can then click on Edit and select the supplier(s) that you want to be displayed on the storefront.

You can also change the name of the supplier while you are here. Click on update to apply your changes.

Storefront view

When the price at the other dealers is higher than your store, it will be displayed on the storefront as shown below.