User and Form Settings

These are the general settings that are used when someone is signing up or completing information on your site.

Addresses Options

  1. Billing / Shipping Address - These are the different fields that are shown/required when a user is filling out their information. To enable/disable any option simply click on the corresponding checkBox.
  2. Use State/Region Abbreviations - Use State/Region Abbreviations - Uses the abbreviated version of the state's name; ie Georgia would be - GA
  3. Show Address Book on Place New Order Page - Displays the user's address book in the admin on the place new order page.
  4. Disable Shipping Address Editing - When enabled, users will not be able to edit the shipping address
  5. Disable Billing Address Editing - When enabled, users will not be able to edit the billing address
  6. Show Addressbook  By Default In Checkout - Address book will display on the right hand side of the checkout page in the storefront

User Sign-up Configuration


  1. User Name format - This option determines the format users can use while signing up on your site.
  2. Allow Mailing List SignUp - Presents the user with the option to sign up for the mailing list(s) that you have enabled.
  3.  E-mail New User Welcome Email- When enabled, this will send a new user an email welcoming them to your site. You select which email template to use by clicking on the drop down arrow. For more information on email templates click here.
  4. E-mail New Sub User Template - When enabled, this will email a sub user an email from your admin letting them know an account has been created for them on your site by a storefront user. Here again, you select which email template to use.
  5. Show Verbose Login Errors - Shows the reason for the failed login attempt.
  6. E-mail New User Admin Notification - This is the person that will receive the email that informs them that a new user has signed up on your site.
  7. Email To -  If you enable #6, and you select Custom, an empty text field will appear that will allow you to enter an email address. If including multiple recipients, use a comma to separate the email addresses.
  8. Hide First and Last Name - When enabled, hides the first and last name fields on the Create New User page in the storefront.
  9. Disable Captcha - A CAPTCHA is a type of challenge/response test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human. Selecting this option will disable this.
  10. New User E-mail To Admin From Admin Created Users -  Emails the admin an email letting the admin know a new user has been created in the backend of the site (admin).
  11. New User E-mail To User From Admin created Users- Sends a user an email when their account is created from the admin.

Contact Us Configuration

This is where you can edit what questions are asked to users when they fill out the "Contact Us" form on your site.

Contact Us Config

Affiliate Sign-up Configuration

If your site accepts affiliates, this is where you would list the questions to ask them when they sign up.

Affiliate Sign-up Config

Affiliate Settings

Affiliate Settings

These are the settings that are linked to how affiliated are compensated.

  1. Default Commission - The amount of commission paid per sale in either percentage or currency amount.
  2. Default Referral Days - Records how many days a referral remains active for. If a customer leaves the website and returns before the referral days has expired, the affiliate will get sale credit if the customer purchases.
  3. Conflict Resolution Mode -  If the current session has multiple affiliates, this determines who wins the affiliation and therefore commissions.