In this article, we will walk you through how our integration with Shippo works.

Shippo is a third party integration that you can use to simplify shipping your orders. We've outlined the steps on how to use it below.

Creating your Package

The first step is to create a package using the Shipping Tab on the Order Details page. Check the line items that you'd like to go into the package, select the shipping method or shipping type you'd like to use, and then click "Create Package". 

Do not click "Ship Items", your packages must be unshipped to retrieve rates.

Creating the package will make a box appear at the bottom of the page where you can enter your tracking information once you have it:

Next, you want to click on "Print Shipping Labels" to get rates from your shipping providers.

This will bring you to the actual Shippo page where you can check the items you would like to ship, and click the "Get Rates" button. This should show you all of the providers you have access to, with the ability to "Get Label" to get the shipping label.

The shipping label will show up for download below the table.

Once your package has shipped, you can enter the tracking information on the previous page, and click the "Ship this Package" button