This article will cover how to issue refunds to your customers.

Refunding a credit card user

You can issue refunds for other payment methods but in the following example we will cover credit cards.

Once you've made the necessary adjustments to the order you will proceed to the payment information screen to issue the refund:

  1. The amount due will be displayed here.
  2. You will enter the amount you want to refund in this field.
  3. Lastly, you will click on this button to initiate the refund.

Note: If issuing a refund for an old order, you will need to manually do it via your payment gateway.

Refunding a credit card user

The amount refunded will be displayed in the notes/history section.

Editing: Offers/Shipping/Taxes

By design, our solution does not automatically recalculate taxes/shipping/handling/offers. The reason for this is because these variables change on a regular basis. Therefore you will need to configure these figures manually.

The Edit Order page (shown below) is where you would go to make adjustments to the order and recalculate the totals.

  1. Changes to the quantity ordered and amount for each line item would be made here.
  2. This button will recalculate the changes you make in step one above.
  3. Promotion codes and be added/removed from this section.
  4. Changes to the tax amount would be made here.
  5. Changes to shipping would be applied here.
  6. Changes to the handling fee would be made here.
  7. This button will recalculate offers and save changes. (Not reversible)
  8. This button will save and recalculate taxes.
  9. This button saves changes made on the page excluding the taxes and offers.
Editing: Offers/Shipping/Taxes