Approving Orders for Sub-Users

Once a sub-user has placed an order that requires approval, an email is sent to their account manager informing them of the pending order.

What we'll cover in this Article


The illustration below shows the relationships between users. Here, the account owner/admin is Shannon Francis. For this example, we will be placing an order under sub-user Julian Wood.

Approving an Order

Once an order has been placed by a sub-user, an approval notice is automatically sent to their approver via email as indicated in the image below.

Approver Dashboard

The approver will then be redirected to their dashboard where they can approve/deny the order. From the dashboard, the approver is also able to view recent orders in more detail. The approver can also edit the order before they approve it. Once an ordered has been approved it is then processed.

Editing the order before approval

Click on the pencil icon to open up the order.

Next, click on edit so that you can modify the order.

You can then add/remove as you please. When finished, click on Return to Order Details.