How to create a Static Category

Static categories will only display the products the store admin has assigned to it. You can create a new static category by going to: Store Catalog > Categories

Creating a static category in the admin is a very straight forward process:

  1. Select Static Category
  2. Select where you want to want to create your static category
  3. Click on New Category

Creating a Category via Spreadsheet

You can also create a category via a Product Import/spreadsheet. To do so, you will only need two columns: sku & category.

You can add skus to multiple categories by just tweaking your spreadsheet. Under the category column, list out all the categories you want them to appear in, using the semi-colon ";" to separate them.

For example "Office Supplies>Paper & Printable Media>Resume/Stationery Paper;Paper>Premium Writing Paper; Technology>Tools" This will put it in both the "Premium Writing Paper" sub-category and the "Tools" category.

When you get to the Product Importer you will want to unchecked the "Adhere To Managed Flags" and check "Add New Categories".

Below is a sample spreadsheet.