Importing a Price File for a Contract List Rule

The following article will walk you through how to import a price file when setting up a Contract List Price Rule.

1 Shared: A label that helps with organization and has no impact on storefront functionality

2 Allow Price Below Cost : Selling prices lower than cost are accepted

3 Override Volume Pricing: Nullifies volume pricing

4 Replace all items with import: Deletes all existing skus and pricing

The first thing you will want to do is click Open: This will allow you to browse your computer and upload your pricing spreadsheet onto your site. If creating a new Contract List Rule, the next thing will be just to click on Import Pricing after you locate your file. If this happens to be an existing rule and contains a listing of products, the Replace all items option will wipe out the existing list. Leaving it unchecked, the new items will be appended onto the list.

Sample Spreadsheet

The only columns needed on your spreadsheet are: sku, & siteprice

To view a sample spreadsheet of what your price file should look like Click here