Placing an Order on the Storefront

This article will cover how orders are placed on the Storefront.

When the customers add items into the shopping cart and are ready to check out, they will be taken to their shopping cart. From here they can modify the order by updating the quantity, making any notations, applying coupon codes or saving the cart.

  1. Shows the number of items that are in the shopping cart.
  2. The quantity of each item.
  3. Allows for the customer to make line item comments (For example; Accounting Department).
  4. Customer can save the shopping cart.
  5. Updates the shopping cart if quantities are modified.
  6. If enabled, your customers earn loyalty points.
  7. Total, less shipping & taxes.
  8. Shipping cost.
  9. Total, less taxes.
  10. Takes you back to the page you were looking at prior to check out.
  11. If a promo code is available it is entered here.
  12. Once the customers verify the order then they are ready to check out.

Checkout Options

If it is a new customer, they will have the option of checking out as a guest. They will then be presented with the option to set up an account

Checking out

The Next page consists of the check out screen with the following fields:

  1. Shipping Address - Where the customer would like the item(s) to be sent.
  2. Shipping option - What form of shipping the customer would like/is available.
  3. Billing Address - What address to bill.
  4. Payment Methods - This is where your customer selects what payment method to use based on the Payment Methods you have enable on your site.
  5. Loyalty Points - If enabled, the customers have the option of applying some or all their accumulated points.
  6. Review & Place Order - Gives the customer another opportunity to verify that the item(s) in the cart are correct, agree to site terms and conditions and finally place the order.

Order Receipt

The order receipt page provides a summary of the order details and also includes an order number which customers can use to reference if they happen to contact you. There is also an option to print the receipt page located on the upper right hand side.