Importing Users

Users can be uploaded via spreadsheet onto your site. This is a highly sensitive process and is something that we must do for you.


Click here to view a sample spreadsheet that contains the correct import format you will want to use for importing.

Please note that there is another tab titled "Additional Columns" that contains additional headers.

Also bear in mind that the fields shown are the only values that are accepted by the system.

The 2 columns listed below are mandatory for uploading:

  • username
  • email

Important Notes:

It's very important to understand that this file will overwrite/wipe out info if you're not careful. For example, if you make changes to an account via the admin, and we upload the spreadsheet and that field is left blank, it will wipe that field out.

You can only include one address per name via the spreadsheet. If there are multiple addresses for someone, the addresses will have to be added using a different import. For more information on the address book importer, please see this document:

This can be a delicate process, so we encourage you to take your time with the spreadsheet and do it right the first time.

We will upload an initial spreadsheet (we recommend including just 2-3 customers) for you so we can review it and address any issues. Once you are confident, we can upload another, final spreadsheet with the rest of your users.

AGAIN, PLEASE NOTE: If a user exists on the site with a username specified in this file, it will be completely overwritten with the entry in the spreadsheet.