Budget Accounts (Cost Centers)

This article will illustrate how to set up department cost centers within a user's account.

Why Use Budget Accounts?

This option would be beneficial to customers requesting a multi-user account, with the ability to place orders for different departments.

Budget accounts can also be used as an alternative for multiple approvers/managers where an account owner can set it up so that a sub user placing an order can select who the order should go to for approval. Please note that for this option, the account owner will still be required to approve the order as well if the selected manager requires approval.

Users can set up budget accounts from the storefront. If using budget accounts for multi-approvers, the approvers must have a manager role.


1. Budget Accounts link

2. Check box to enable budget accounts

3. Click the + to add a new budget account/approver

4. Give the budget account a name for example Purchasing Dept. If using budget accounts for approvals, select the approver name.

5. Click the check mark to insert and repeat the steps for a new entry.


When the Enable Approvals for Budget Accounts option is checked, it will trigger a new option when you edit sub-users; Will be Required to Choose a Budget Accounts (highlighted below). This will force the sub-user to select a budget account during checkout.

When the user is checking out, they will be required to select a Budget Account option as illustrated below.