Chat Bot

This article will briefly cover how to set up a third party chat bot on your Logicblock site

So you've decided that you want to add a Live Chat or Chat Bot feature to your website.

What we'll cover in this article

  • Choosing a live chat/chat bot
  • Configuring the live chat/chat bot

Choosing a live chat/chat bot

The first thing you will want to establish is what service you will use for your chatbot. We are compatible with most of them, so you have the freedom to shop around. We do not recommend any one specifically, but here is a list of the ones we've seen our customers use:

There are others to choose from, please do your own research and find one that fits what you are looking for.

Configuring the live chat/chat bot

Once you have decided on which service you'd like to use, typically they will give you a piece of code that you will need to place somewhere on your website in order for the Live Chat to show up.

That piece of code is going to go into an HTML Plain content block on your System Meta Default content area.

Below is a video that demonstrates where to put the code: