Place Order For

The place order for is a feature that allows for the account owner or anyone who has sub-user(s), to place an order on behalf of their sub-user(s) without having to impersonate the sub-user.

Note: This feature is something that is enabled through us. You will need to submit a support ticket to request to have this enabled on your site. This feature is ONLY available on the 2013 Checkout Page. It is NOT available for older or custom checkout pages.

The account owner will be required to enable the Can Users Place Orders For Sub Users option under the Manage Users section under their account.

Once that's set up, the account owner and anyone else in the hierarchy with sub-users will have the ability to place an order on behalf of a sub-user.

When they sign in to their account, they will simply add the items to the cart that they need to purchase for the sub-user and proceed to checkout. At the top of the checkout page is a drop down window that will list all the sub-users under that user. They'll simply select which sub-user they want to place the order for and the sub-users billing/shipping information will be updated to reflect the selection.

Notifications will be sent out as usual to all involved parties.