Restricting sub-users to a product list

This article will cover restricting sub-users to an approved list.

What we'll cover in this Article

Purchasing Policies

This is where the approver can configure the sub-user's role and purchasing policies. To edit a sub-user's purchasing policies click on "Edit" as depicted by the arrow in the image below.

Approval By Limits

"Does not require approval (user can purchase directly)" option is usually checked by default. To add approval limits, select the "Requires approval by limits(s)" option.

Restricting a Sub-user to an Approved List

Once the "Requires Approval by Limits." option is selected the approver can change a sub-user's purchasing role and policies. In the example below we will limit the sub-user (Bobby Guzan) to purchasing products from the "Albuquerque Branch" Product List. This basically means that he will only be able to view and purchase items that are included on this list.

Excluding Products from a Sub-user

The approver can also choose to restrict a sub-user from viewing or purchasing products from a product list. In the example below, we will restrict the sub-user (Bobby Guzan) from purchasing products from the "Research and Development" Product List. This basically means that he will NOT be able to view or purchase items that are included on this list. Note that this should not be used to prevent an entire user account hierarchy from ordering certain products, as the admin user will always be able to view Exclude List items (and managers will be able to see that an exclude list has been assigned to users, but not its contents). Instead, restricted product lists should be used.