Drop-Shipping to a Custom Vendor

The following article will walk you through the procedure of creating/changing the method in which products in an order can be drop-shipped to a custom vendor.

Create New Vendor

The first thing you would want to do is create a custom Vendor.

If you keep physical inventory of products at your location, you will put your email address in the email field. What this will do is send you an email whenever the order is transmitted.

If you have a custom Vendor that is non-Electronic data interchange (not integrated with our system) you will enter their email address in the email field. This will send them an email notifying them of new orders when you transmit the order.

The Drop Ship E-mail Template is the email template that is sent to you or your non-EDI vendor when a purchase has been made.

Create New Vendor

What it will look like in the Order Manager

When you come into the Order Manager, the Source From field will have your the Default vendor already selected.  You can expand the drop-down to select from any Vendor you have created.

Once you click on the Transmit/Send Order to Vendor for Selected Items button, a note will pop up in the notes section indicating that the order was successfully transmitted.

Changing the Default Vendor of a Product

The next step will be to tie your product(s) to the Vendor that you just created. If you just have a handful of products that you're offering, then you can do this manually by editing the product and under the Pricing Tab, you will see the vendor option.

Link Product(s) to New Vendor

Ship Mode

Next you will want to change the ship mode of the products to Drop Ship From Vendor. Don't forget to save your changes.

Ship Mode

Changing the Default Vendor & Ship Mode In Mass

If you have a large number of products, you can import a spreadsheet with the respective information. The columns you will need for just this task would be: sku, shippingmode & vendorname

Please be sure to View the Product Import Schema in a New window. There you will find the values that are accepted in each field of your spreadsheet.