How to transmit an order to your Distributor (video)

This video will show you how to transmit your orders to your distributors from the order detail page.

Transmitting the Order

First, you'd want to make sure that your order is correct and that no adjustments need to be made to it before you transmit it. Sometimes the customer will request changes to be made to the order after it has been placed. If you need to make any edits, you can use the button on the top right part of the screen to change anything about the order.

After you've confirmed :

  • The line items are correct
  • The order is going to the right place
  • You're sourcing your items from the correct wholesalers
  • You have the proper transmission settings in place

You can click the big blue button that says "Transmit/Send Order to Vendors". Be aware that once you hit this button, there is no way to unsend your orderOnce you hit this button, the order will be processed accordingly with whatever settings you have set up with your wholesaler. If there are no issues, the "transmitted" icon will turn green. If your wholesaler has shipping information integrated into our system, that information will show up under the "Shipping" tab. 

  1. Order Status - Contains information regarding the status of your order, as well as the date of the order, who took it, who the sales person is, and where it came from.
  2. Edit Order - Use this button to enter a page where you can edit any facet of this order
  3. User Info - Contains the user information of who ordered the items.
  4. Sold To/Ship To - Contains billing and shipping information of the customer.
  5. Line Item Details - Contains detailed information on the SKUs ordered.
  6. Line Item Shipping Details - When the order is transmitted, will contain shipping information related to the order.
  7. Transmission Settings - The settings which you transmit to your wholesaler.
  8. Transmit Button - This button will send your line items to their corresponding vendors.
  9. Payment Information - Contains information regarding how the order was paid/will be paid.
  10. Order History Notes - Contains notes regarding actions that have occurred related to this order.