Payment Methods

What we'll cover in this Article

Available Forms of Payment

The following forms of payment are available for you to use on your site. To select a payment method, simply click on the box corresponding to the option you would like to use. To edit the payment,  click on the Edit icon.

Note: For credit card orders, you must use a Payment Gateway.

Available Forms of Payment
Payment Settings

Allow All Users to Apply Payment after Checkouts - For users that have not made immediate payments on orders (PO/Cash), they can log back in at a later time and make a payment via credit card.  Some payment methods, such as checks, have an additional setting to allow post order payments.

Allow All Payments in Admin by Default - Allows all payment methods on the Place New Order page.

Enable Purchase Order Number On All Payments - Always displays the Purchase Order field on the checkout page.

Require PO number when Purchase Order is selected - Forces the user to enter a purchase order number if they select PO as a payment method prior to checkout.

Duplicate Purchase Order Strategy - You can choose to allow/reject duplicate purchase orders, or simply display a warning when a duplicate PO is entered.

PO Number Overwritten With New Storefront Payment PO Number - When a new PO payment is applied via the storefront view order page, the new PO number will overwrite previous PO numbers on the order.

Attempt Reference Payment on Failed Capture - Allows use of reference payment in case of failed payment capture.

No Payment Needed Description Text - You can use this field to enter text you want displayed when orders do not require payment.

Maximum PO Number Length - Sets a character limit for PO numbers.

Show Detailed Payment Errors - Enables more detailed errors when payment fails to go through.

Disable Issue Gift Certificate Emails - Disables the automatic email sent when gift certificates are issued.

Payment Method Filtering

Step 1: Create a User Group

Step 1: Create a User Group

In the admin under People > More > User Groups & Permissions

Create a New Group

Skip the first box, do not assign any permissions to customer groups.

Hit "Save Changes".

Step 2: Filter Payment Method

Next we're going to go edit the payment method.

  • Go to Config > Order Settings > Payment Methods
  • Click EDIT on the payment method you want to limit visibility on.
  • Uncheck the box for "Visible to All Users".
Step 2: Filter Payment Method

Select the Group from the right that you want to make this payment option visible to.

Click the arrow to move it to the left.

It will then appear on the left.

Hit "Save" in the top right.

Saving these changes will now show this payment method only to the customers that you have put into these Groups.

Finally, you can select the user(s) that you want to have access to the payment method by manually editing the user and selecting the appropriate group under their account settings. This can also be done en masse via spreadsheet. You can quickly export your users and under the accountrole column header enter the group name (case sensitive). If user has more then one group assigned, separate groups using a semicolon ";". Then send the file to us via a support ticket to be imported onto your site.

Payment Gateways

To accept credit card payments online you need a relationship with a payment gateway. A Payment Gateway is a service that authorizes and processes payments for online retailers in real-time. It is the equivalent of a physical POS (Point-of-sale) terminal located in most retail outlets. Payment gateways encrypt sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, to ensure that information passes securely between the customer and the merchant.

Select your Payment Gateway and click "Edit"

Below are some instructions for creating accounts with a few of the payment gateway providers that we integrate with. Please be aware that the ones below are not all of them. Here is a list of all of the gateway providers:

With, once you get your account you need to login and obtain 2 pieces of information which you then need to place into your website's backend.

These are the API Login ID and Transaction Key. To obtain these details you need to go to Settings -> and click on API Login ID and Transaction Key in Security Settings section.

You then need to answer the security question to get the Transaction Key.

Enter the relevant information:

1. API Login ID from website

2. API Transaction Key from website

PayPal Standard and Website Payment Pro

To integrate this gateway, all you need to do is obtain Username, Password and an API signature from PayPal and paste that information into your website's Admin

PayPal Standard and Website Payment Pro

Obtaining PayPal API Credentials

Here are the steps you need to take in order to obtain those details from PayPal:

Go to the PayPal website and log in.

1. Go to My Account -> Profile

2. Click on My Selling Tools

3. Click on API access

NOTE: Under the Classic Profile Version, the "API ACCESS" is under "Account Information"

4. Under Option 2 - Request API credentials to create your own API username and password, click on View API Certificate.

5. Now, select Request API signature and click Agree and Submit.

Then, simply copy the information from the above screen and add it to aforementioned page on your website.

PayPal Commerce Platform

To activate the PayPal Commerce Platform gateway, start by clicking the "Initialize PayPal Account Setup" button, and then click the "PayPal Onboarding" link.

Paypal Commerce Settings
Paypal Commerce Link Acct

Enter your credentials in the new window that opens.  This will populate the required fields in Logicblock.

Once your account is fully connected, your screen should look similar to this:

Paypal Linked

After your account is linked, you will see "Powered by PayPal" under the option to pay with a credit card.


To connect your Affirm account, simply input your Public and Private keys into the fields.