Google Trusted Store Feed and Setup

We have released our Google Trusted Store integration beta form.

For more information on Google Trusted Stores, please visit:

Please note that there is an intricate verification process that must be done through the Google Trusted Store portal.

What is Google Trusted Stores?

Google Trusted Stores is a trustmark you earn for shipping orders on time and providing great customer service. It's like the online merchant equivalent to the Better Business Bureau. Once you earn this trustmark, you get to display it to shoppers on your site.

However, it's more than just a badge, as Google helps your customers by providing up to $1,000 in buyer protection when purchasing from you; when shoppers see this badge, it increases buyer confidence.*

*Sourced from

1) How do I setup Google Trusted Stores?

1) How do I setup Google Trusted Stores?
  1. Go to the Google Trusted Stores site and click on Become a Google Trusted Store.
  2. Fill out the three tasks around your business's information.
  1. In the Code section, we automatically insert the code for you, when it is enabled on 7cart. As this step is already taken care of, just click Apply Now.

Register your feeds on Google

NOTE: You will get your Feed Filenames from the 7cart Admin Portal.  See the "Steps to Setup Google Trusted Stores In 7cart" section below.

Google Help Document:

Once you have created your data feeds and linked your Google Trusted Stores account to a Google Merchant center account, you must register your feeds in your Merchant Center account.

You can see which Merchant Center account is linked to your Trusted Stores account by visiting the Data Feeds section of your Trusted Stores account.

To register your shipment feed and cancellation feed:

  1. Sign in to your Google Merchant Center account at and navigate to the Data feeds section.
  2. Click New Data Feed.
  3. Under Type, select Trusted Stores Order Shipments.*
  4. Under Target country, select United States.
  5. Under Data feed filename, enter the filename you have chosen for your shipping feed.
  6. Click Save changes.
  7. Repeat steps 2 through 6 to register your cancellation feed, but select Trusted Stores Order Cancellations in step 3.

Submit data feeds via Automatic Upload (Scheduled Fetch)

Submit data feeds via Automatic Upload (Scheduled Fetch)


NOTE: You will get your Feed Filenames from the 7cart portal.  See the "Steps to Setup Google Trusted Stores In 7cart" section below.

Google Help Document:

To create or edit a schedule for a data feed:

  1. Sign in to your Google Merchant Center account.
  2. Click the Data feeds tab. (Make sure you've already registered your feed filename in your account.)
  3. Under the Upload column, click Create next to the data feed you'd like to schedule. If you’re editing a schedule, click Edit.
  4. Schedule the desired frequency, timing, and location of your feed. (Important: The URL of your file location must begin with either http://, https://, ftp://, or sftp://).
  5. If your file requires a username and password to access, please enter the appropriate login information to allow Google to access your file.
  6. Click Save changes to complete the set-up process.


  • The size of the file you're scheduling must be less than 1 gigabyte (GB), and the user-agent googlebot cannot be blocked from the directory containing your feed.
  • Please ensure that the feed URL points directly to your data feed file in one of our supported file formats. Note that pointing to an HTML page of your website will cause the processing of your feed to fail.

2) Steps to Setup Google Trusted Stores In 7cart

2) Steps to Setup Google Trusted Stores In 7cart

The settings on the 7cart administration panel are located under CONFIG > PLUG-INS > Google Trusted Store Setup

  1. Enable Google Trusted Store: Check to enable.
  2. Google Merchant Id: Enter your Google Merchant ID.  You can get this by looking for the "ID" from here:
  3. Estimated Shipping Days:  How many days from the date of order before the order gets shipped
  4. Shopping account ID:  These are the file names you will use to let Google know where to Fetch the Order Shipments and Canceled Orders feeds*.
  5. Make sure you Save your changes

*You can configure Google to retrieve these from your site at predefined intervals.

In order to pass the final step of the Google Setup, you will need to load your store and complete a real checkout transaction on three browsers. (Ex: Chrome (any version), Firefox (any version), and IE (version 8 and above).

Store Requirements

To be eligible for becoming a Google Trusted Store, you also need to consistently operate above this performance criteria set out by Google.

1. You need to be consistently processing more than 200 orders within a 28 day timeframe.

2. You need to be Using real shipment tracking numbers on a very high percentage of the orders you ship.

Those numbers must also be accurately entered into the Shipment Tracking Number field. Google wants to see that your shipments were delivered and delivered on time.

3. Provide Order Cancellation Reasons

When you have Google Trusted Stores enabled for your store, whenever you change an order to “Cancelled” you will get a prompt asking you to provide a reason. Select one of the 4 options we have implemented. You need to keep this updated so that Google accepts your cancellations feed.