Import/Export Tools

This menu contains various tools that you can use to import and export information to and from your site.

User Exporter

This feature allows you to export all the users that are on your site or User hierachy. Simply click on "Export All Users"  or "Export User Hierachy" and it will generate a spreadsheet containing all users on your site.

Favorites Import/Export

The favorites importer is used to import Favorites Lists for your users. This can be used for individual users as well as multiple users.

For a single user, you can use the "Choose a User" option and just start keying in the name of the user.

The "Select File to Import" option is where you would upload your spreadsheet.

The columns that are acceptable are sku and username.

The "Replace All" option is used to delete all the items that are on the current list and replace them with the new list. If this option is deselected, then the new items are just added onto the list.

Favorites Import/Export


To export a complete list of favorites on the site, complete the steps below:

  • Go to the Favorites Importer/Exporter: People > Import/Export Tools > Favorites Import/Export
  • Click export
  • The exported file will be under: Content and Files > File Manager: inside Files > Exports > Favorites

Product List Import/Export

  1. The "Bulk Import Product Lists" is used to import Product Lists in bulk. Your spreadsheet will need the following columns: sku, listname and username.
  2. Replace all will wipe out the existing list and import the new lists.
  3. The "Export All Product Lists" feature allows you to export all the available product lists on your site.

Optional Column listtype:

New Lists default to Admin if the column isn't in there.

Existing lists only get updated if Replace All is checked.

Including the column but leaving the value blank will keep the current value.

See sample spreadsheet here: Product List Sample Import Format.

Product List Import/Export

Contract Price Rule Importer

The "Contract Price Rule Importer" is used to import multiple Contract Price Rules onto your site. The columns that are needed on your spreadsheet are pricerulename, sku and siteprice.  To allow prices below cost in the contract price rules, select the Allow Below Cost box. To clear out the contract rules and update them, select the Reset and Update box.

Contract Price Rule Importer

Price-RuleSET Importer

The Bulk Assign Price Rules option is used to assign multiple Price Rules to customers which will basically creates Price Rule Sets. The Rule SET will be saved in the price rules under the user's username unless a rulesetname has been assigned.

Required column headers: username, pricerule1 and pricerule2

Optional column headers are: rulesetname, operation & allowbelowcost.

The "Reset and Update" checkbox, if selected will clear out the RuleSet - PriceRule associations and update the AllowBelowCost status.

The image below shows how you will want to format your spreadsheet.

  1. username: This is used to tie the RuleSet to a specific user.
  2. rulesetname: This column is used to give your RuleSet a name. If nothing is entered here, the username is what will be used to set the Ruleset name.
  3. operation: (Replace, Minimum & Maximum). If nothing is listed here, the default setting will be "replace". Please note that whatever operation you select will be assigned to ALL the pricerules within the Ruleset. This only works if a RuleSet is being created or the "Reset and Update" checkbox is selected.
  4. allowbelowcost: (0 or 1), where "1" sets the ruleset to allow below cost. Default setting is 0. This only works if a RuleSet is being created or the "Reset and Update" checkbox is selected.
  5. pricerule(1,2,3 etc): This is the actual name of the price rule that you are adding to the RuleSet. The order you list the rules matters, since the rules will run sequentially.