Viewing and Editing an Order

In this article, we'll explain how to edit an order that has already been placed.

What we'll cover in this Article

Viewing an Order

Viewing an order in our system is very simple. Using the admin menu, you'd just click into "Order and Shipping", and then click "Order Manager"

Once you are on the Order Manager page, you can then easily filter through the orders using the date range and filter options at the top of the page.

Once you are looking at the range of orders you'd like to view, you can click the order number to see the order details page for that order.

  1. Order Status - In this box you will see information about the order and where the order is in the process.
  2. User Information - This box contains information on the user that placed the order.
  3. Sold to  - A box that contains the Billing Information of the customer
  4. Bill to - A box that contains the shipping information of the customer
  5. Line Items - This is where the line items for the order will show up
  6. Return  Selected Items - This button will process a return for any checked line items
  7. Stock Check - If the wholesaler has an inventory integration, you can use this button to check the stock for any of the line items that the wholesaler carries
  8. Transmit/Send Order to Vendors - This button will transmit any selected line items to the wholesaler of your choosing
  9. Order History - Here you can view all of the actions the system has taken with this order, as well as add a public or private notes regarding the order
  10. Payment Information - This box allows you to view the payment information that was used on this order
  11. Add New Payment - You can add a new payment method in this box


Editing an Order

Editing an order on our system is simple. Once you are on the Order Details page, simply click the Edit button in the top right corner.

After clicking the Edit button, you will be taken to a page that looks like the image below

  1. User Info - You can use this field to change who placed the order
  2. Billing and Shipping Info - You can edit any of the billing or shipping address information from here
  3. Line Items - Use this section to change or edit any of the line items that were ordered
  4. Search Products/Create New Product - Here, you can add more products to the order, or create a new one from scratch
  5. Totals - You can use this section to recalculate totals, change the shipping charges, or add any handling fees or discounts
  6. Customer Notes - Here you can add notes for the customer
  7. Promo Codes - Apply any promo codes you want to the order using this section
  8. Third Party Shipping Account - This field is for informational purposes only, and is used to identify whatever third party shipping information you used should you decide to use that
  9. Budget Account - Budget accounts are used for multi-user accounts. For more information, click here
  10. Backend Order ID - This is used by our developers. Do not edit this unless you know what you are doing.
  11. The options at the bottom can be used to return to the previous page, generate an XML version of the order, recalculate the totals of the order and save, or delete the order
  12. Admin Lock - This will prevent certain areas of the order from being edited.  You can dictate which settings are locked in the configuration section, found at /bvadmin/configuration/orderlockedsettings.aspx

Once you have edited all of the fields of the order that you wish to change, do not forget to hit "Save" at the top right corner of the screen. This will ensure your changes will be saved.