The Returns Manager is the centralized location for managing returns. Customers and store administrators can both submit a return request. Each method moves the selected item into the Return Manager.

The returns process is not integrated with your vendor. It is only used as a means of keeping tabs/track of orders and communicating with the customer that they have returned an item(s).

Submitting a Return from the Storefront

From the "My Account" section, in the store front, the customer will be presented with their recent orders. They will then edit the order that contains the item(s) they would like to return.

Each item purchased will have a corresponding check box. The customer may select the items needing to be returned and click the "Return Items" button as seen in the image above.  If an item is nonreturnable, then there will be no checkbox.

Upon clicking the "Return Items" button, the returns form will appear..

Returns form

  1. The customer will select a reason for returning the item.
  2. Then the customer will select whether or not they would like a replacement.
  3. Lastly, they will click on "Submit" when they're done filling out this page to complete the process.

Submitting a Return from the Order Manager (Admin)

Submitting a Return from the Storefront
  1. Select items to Return.
  2. Click on the Return Selected items Button.

As with the previous step, you will then be presented with the Returns Form, fill it out completely and click submit.

Returns Manager  

Returns Manager  

After the return request has been submitted, the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) will be placed in an approved or pending status.

The above image displays the Return Manager. Each return is first placed into a "pending" status unless the option to "Automatically Approve RMA" is turned on under Configuration > Orders Settings > Returns.

From this screen, you can open, close or reject an RMA.

Approving an RMA will send the customer the email defined under Configuration > Orders Settings > Returns > Accepted RMA Email Template. The RMA will be placed in to an "open" status. This status lets other administrators know the RMA was approved and is currently being worked.

Rejecting an RMA will send the customer the email defined under Configuration > Orders Settings > Returns > Rejected RMA Email Template. This will also move the RMA into a "rejected" status.

Closing an RMA should only be done once the RMA is fully completed. This includes returning the items to inventory. A closed RMA lets other store administrators know the RMA has been fully processed. Only approved/opened RMA’s can be closed. Rejected RMA's will maintain a "rejected" status.

After opening the RMA using the "approve" button, enter the "quantity received" and "return to inventory" check box. Next, click the “return selected items” button to return the item back to inventory. The "total quantity received" and "total returned to inventory" will automatically update.