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Robots.txt Editor

Here is where you would make any changes/deploy your Robots.txt file.

Robots.txt Editor



This section allows you to edit the countries that you choose to ship your products to. To add a country to your "Active" list simply click on "Activate". To remove a country, click on "Disable".

Site Terms

These are the "expressions" that are used on you site. You can edit and delete them from this page.

Fraud Checks

7Cart gives store administrators the security feature to screen email addresses, IP addresses, domain names, phone numbers and credit card numbers. Orders placed that qualify for one of the screened items will immediately be placed in an “On Hold” status.

Fraud Order Status "On Hold"

A "Private Note" will appear on the order that will display the reason it was placed in the "On Hold" status. This store administrator can then decide how they’d like to handle the order

IP Range

You can block out larger blocks of IP Addresses using the IP Range check.

  1. Enter the full IP Address you would like to apply the "Wildcard" to.
  2. Enter a numerical into the value after the slash (see below):

The second field references a "CIDR" and is typically going to be 24 or 16

24 (Which would wild-card the IP Address like this: 255.255.255.***)

16 (Which would wild-card the IP Address like this: 255.255.***.***)



IPv4 Subnetting Cheat-Sheet

CIDR: Classless interdomain routing was developed to provide more granularity than legacy Classful addressing; CIDR notation is expressed as /XX