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Automatically Assign Group and/or Pricing to New Customer Signup

The following article will illustrate how you can automatically have a new user tied to a group/price rule when they first sign up for an account on your site.

What we'll cover in this Article

Set up

You will first want to enable and set up this feature in the admin by navigating to: Config > User and Form Settings > User Sign-up Config

  1. Enabled - Select this option to enable this feature
  2. Caption - This is where you will enter the text that you want displayed on the storefront.
  3. Add new Record - The new record option is where you will enter the details (price rule/group or both)
Set up

Below you can find a list of preset fields and information about them:

Description - Name of the preset

User Group - Specifies which user groups the new user is place in upon account creation

Salesperson - Specifies the salesperson assigned to the new user

Price Rule - Specifies which price rule applies to the user

Shipping Exempt - Specifies if the user is exempt from shipping rates

Tax Exempt - Specifies if the user is exempt from tax rates

Skip Approval - If your site is set up for new user approval, new users that sign up with this preset will not need approval.

Storefront View

When customers go onto the site to register for an account, they will then be able to select from any of the options you set up above. Once they've made their selection, they will automatically have those options tied to their account.

NOTE: This is only available on the New User Signup form and NOT the checkout page.

Storefront View

Supporting Documentation

For a more detailed description of the functionality of the features found in this section of the admin as well as the definitions for the terminology used, please visit the following link(s):