Gift Certificates

What we'll cover in this article

The Gift Certificates area provides the ability to add new Gift Certificates to the store. From this area you can also manage purchased Gift Certificates.

First Glance

First Glance

Under Store Catalog > Gift Certificates you are presented with two different sections; Gift Certificate Types and Issued Gift Certificates.

  1. To create a new certificate, select the "Create New Gift Certificate Template" button at the top of the page.
  2. The Gift Certificate Types section will display all of the certificates created for the store.
  3. The Issued Gift Certificates section displays all of the Gift Certificates purchased on the store.


Add/Edit Gift Certificate

Gift Certificates are much like products. You can configure most of the same settings as a normal product. Furthermore Gift Certificates can be added to categories using the Categories and other product display blocks.

There are some new fields on this page that we should discuss:

  1. Gift Certificate Type: This setting allows us to set a “Fixed Price” for the Gift Certificate or “Customer Selected Price”. The “Customer Selected Price” allows the customer to enter in any amount they wish to purchase.
  2. Product Data: The information that you add here will show up on the storefront. This includes, SKU a description, an image, and any pre or post content.
  3. Category: This tab allows you to add the gift certificate into whatever category you wish


4.    Certificate ID Pattern: This pattern describes how the Gift Certificate number will look when generated for a customer.

Gift certificate id's are case insensitive and must have at least 6 random characters.

The random characters are:

  • # for a random number
  • ! for a random letter
  • ? for a random letter or number

For example GIFT###??#! could result in a gift certificate code issued as GIFT9485C3A.

Viewing an Issued Gift Certificate

Issued GC

1. Claimed User - Assign a user the gift certificate using the search bar

2. Adjust Balance - Adjusts balance of gift certificate (positive or negative)

Gift Certificates on the Storefront

Once you've created your gift certificate, it might look something like this:

If active, your customers will be able to find this product and purchase it.

Gift Certificate Settings

Gift Certificate Settings

Under Configuration > Catalog Settings > Gift Certificates you can configure settings for your store Gift Certificates.

Gift Certificate Minimum Amount:  Sets the minimum amount a Gift Certificate can be purchased for.

Gift Certificate Maximum Amount: Sets the maximum amount a Gift Certificate can be purchased for.

Don't Show Unclaimed Gift Certificates at Checkout:

Gift Certificate Valid Days: Sets amount of days a Gift Certificate is valid for. This amount may be left blank to keep Gift Certificates valid infinitely.

Gift Card Cost Same As Amount:  Issues gift certificates for same amount as the price they are sold at.

Hide Issue Gift Certificate Button on Admin Order Page: Hides the "Issue Gift Certificate" button on the place new order page.


Implementing a Gift Certificate

In order for a gift certificate to be used, it must be purchased the same way any other item on your site would be purchased. Once the gift certificate is purchased, the purchaser will be emailed the Gift Certificate code via the email template associated with it. This code can be used at checkout as a form of payment.

The Gift Certificate is a form of payment, not a coupon. You will have to make sure that Gift Certificates is enabled as a form of payment on your site. To do so, go to Config > Order Settings > Payment Methods in your admin and enable it from there via the check box's.

Payments and Balances

Once a gift certificate is used as payment, and the order in the admin has been marked as "Paid", an email will be triggered that will go to the email listed on the order. This email will remind the customer of their Gift Certificate code and show them their balance. Balances can be seen from the admin, as well on the Gift Certificate page. 

Note: We would recommend adding a line in the email template that goes to the customer, reminding them that this is a form of payment and not a coupon. This can be done by going to Config > Design > Email Templates in the admin and editing the Gift Certificate Template.