Route Codes

In this article, we'll cover Route Codes and how to activate them.

What we'll cover in this article

  • What is a Route Code?
  • How to enable Route Codes

What is a Route Code?

Route codes are an optional additional field that you can enable for all of your user's Billing and Shipping Addresses. This feature is not turned on by default and must be enabled in your Admin Dashboard.

How to enable Route Codes

Enabling route codes is straightforward. You'd go to the admin side of your website, and then scroll down to Config and click on User and Form Settings>Address Options

The Enable Route Codes checkbox is on the address options page.

Check the box and hit "Save". The route codes will now show up on the Shipping and Billing addresses for all of your customers.

Supporting Documentation

For a more detailed description of the functionality of the features found in this section of the admin as well as the definitions for the terminology used, please visit the following link(s):