Loyalty Points

This article will show you how to enable Loyalty Points as well as configure the various settings.

Once enabled, customers will see their Loyalty Points information under their My Account section in the Dashboard or under Shopping > Loyalty Points

Enabling Loyalty Points

Enabling Loyalty Points
  1. While logged in as the admin, go to Config > Order Settings > Payment Methods
  2. Next to Loyalty Points, check the box and hit the Save Changes button in the top right of the page.
  3. Once the page reloads, select Edit to configure the Loyalty Points options.

Loyalty Points Options

Loyalty Points Options

Below are the available options. Be sure to hit "Save" after making any changes to your configuration.

  1. Points Earned Per Dollar: The amount of points the user will accumulate per dollar.    
  2. Points Exchange Rate: Points Exchange Rate: How much many points will equal $1. ie 100 loyalty points equals $1.
  3. Expiration Time: How many days will the points last.    
  4. Max Points Earned Per Order: Sets the max amount of points that can be accumulated during one transaction.
  5. Max Points Used Per Order: Set the max amount of points that can be redeemed during a transaction.
  6. Rounding Method: When adding Loyalty Points, will you want it to round up or down to the nearest whole number. For example, will $54.42 count as 55 points or 54?
    • RoundUp - this option will automatically round up to the nearest whole number.
    • RoundDown - this option will automatically round down to the nearest whole number.
    • Nearest - This option will automatically use normal rounding methods, example: $54.43 will round to 54 points. $54.60 will round to 55 points.
    • AwayFromZero - this option uses the same rounding method as RoundUp
  7. Ignore Expiration Date: Ignores the expiration date on all loyalty points earned. Be careful, this applies to all orders in the past.
  8. Approve Loyalty Points at Checkout: The "Approve Loyalty Points at Checkout" checkbox will approve the Loyalty Points regardless of the order's payment status.
  9. Deduct Loyalty Points With Refund: Deducts points once you issue a refund to your customer.
  10. Accept Coupon Codes: If you want Loyalty Points  to be earned even when a coupon is used, you can select that here.

Loyalty Points from the Customer's Point of View

Loyalty Points from the Customers Points of View

When the user logs into the site, they will see a new Loyalty Points summary on their dashboard as seen above. This will give them a general overview of their stats.

They can click on "Details" or the "Loyalty Points" link on the left to view their Loyalty Points history. Here they will be able to view the orders in which they've accumulated points, and orders where they've spent Loyalty Points.

Loyalty Points at Checkout

Loyalty Points at Checkout

When the customer is checking out, they will be able to see how many Loyalty points they will earn for this transaction on the Cart page.

On the checkout page, there will be a section called Loyalty Points that will display the customers Loyalty Points total. If the customer has points to apply to the order, this is where they will apply them to the order by clicking the "plus" icon.

At the bottom of the checkout page, they will be able to see how there Loyalty Points were applied to the order. In the example above, their Loyalty Points were able to cover their Grand Total.